Dedicated preclinical MRI systems at clinical field


RS²D offers an innovative dedicated preclinical MRI system working at clinical field. The OPTImouse 1.5 has been the first MRI system decicated for rodent with a supraconducting cryogen free magnet.
Theses systems are compact, easy-to-install, compatible with other imaging techniques, and highly easy and quick to handle.

Taking advantages of clinical field, OPTImouse 1.5 already provides high imaging performance with superior soft tissue contrast – especially adapted for high throughput, contrast agents and multi-modal imaging – together with easy to use capability.

In order to offer a complete translational imaging solution regarding clinical field applications, RS²D now also offers OPTImouse expanding these capabilities to higher clinical field studies. OPTImouse  is better adapted to spectroscopy and neuro-imaging applications.

OPTImouse 1.5 system is installed and running since early 2011 at the Preclinical Imaging Laboratory, at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, in France. On site system demonstrations on small animal are available and even the possibility for multi-modality demonstrations.


RS²D offers an innovative dedicated preclinical MRI system working at clinical field for the small rodents.

Innovative integrated technology

OPTImouse systems uses an exclusive and innovative superconducting magnet technology, designed with restricted fringe field, no need of cryogenics and working at clinical fields:

  • Translationnal imaging at 1.5 T
  • Excellent field stability and homogeneity
  • Low space requirements (less than 10m²)

Gradient and RF coils are both manufactured by NMR industrial standards, providing high performance whole body small rodent imaging:

  • Integrated fixed Rat RF coil
  • Plugged in/out Mouse RF coil
  • Automatic coil detection

RS²D has developped its proprietary innovative electronics, designed both for NMR and MRI applications. This technology delivers a compact and modular electronics together with a high level of performance and reliability:

  • Multi-receiver and multi-nucleus imaging capability
  • External synchronization imaging
  • Spectroscopy capability


Highly easy and operational imaging platform

OPTImouse platforms are equipped with a Touch Screen and preclinical imaging cells compatible with most imaging modalities providing easy and quick handling on the system:

  • Reach optimal animal conditions
  • Cardiac and respiratory monitoring
  • Easy and quick laser positioning

OPTImouse systems benefit from the same applications used in clinical field (anatomical, morphological, phenotyping, tumor follow up,..). The systems can ideally be integrated on technical imaging platform with most imaging modalities paced in the same restricted area:

  • Excellent soft tissu contrast at clinical field
  • High contrast agent imaging capability
  • Multimodal imaging