Description of the Gecho

The system is a complete RF chain (NMR Spectrometer (Cameleon4) + Amplifiers + Pre-amplifiers) associated with a power supply. Gecho is assembled in a 3U box.

The Gecho is a versatile system where one can add parts on request, such as a shim card or a gradient card.


  • Operating system on dual core ARM processor
  • Optical gradient output
  • 4 low noise RF Transmit (Tx) from 30kHz to 900MHz *
  • 4 low noise numerical Receveirs (Rx)


RF Amplifier

  • 2 Amplifiers can be integrated:

– 200-650MHz / 100w (50dB)  duty cycle 20% max pulse width 300ms (1 per Gecho)

– 5-310MHz / 300W (55dB) duty cycle 20% max pulse width 300ms (1 per Gecho)

– 0.5-150MHz / 250W duty cycle 20% max pulse width 100ms

– 0.1-30MHz / 250W duty cycle 20% max pulse width 100ms




  • Up to 3 channel (one dedicated when lock)
  • Low noise (0.5dB)
  • High speed active Tx/Rx switch
  • RF filter configured
  • Probe tuning on each canal (lock except)


General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

  • 4 TTL
  • 1 trigger input
  • Extensible


Power supply

  • European standard and american: 110-230Vac 50-60Hz




  • 1 amplificated ouput 10A



  • 16 shims (32 shims possible, without gradient config)
  • Configurable shim matrice
  • dynamic shimming (automatic)
  • 16bit current resolution
  • Can be configured to have a B0 or field channel
  • Max +/-1A per channel, with 75W max per 16shims card



The console has 3 transmit channels and 4 receive channels with LNA and TR switches for each one. It can be configured for simultaneous acquisition on the 4 receivers at different observation frequencies.

The adjustment and adaptation of the probes are integrated with a directional coupler on each transmission channel.

The system comes with an unlimited number of licenses for our own acquisition and processing software: SPINit (running Windows). If you wish to keep your acquisition software, we also give access to the Driver, allowing you to ensure a link between your software and ours.

Do you want to have an overview of the software? Download SPINit.


Application example


  • Magnetization watch for DNP systems

Polarization decay measurment

Polarization build up monitoring

Calibration of external systems (microwave generators)

real time data fitting

  • Relaxometry

T1 measurment

T2 measurment (temporal / frequential)

  • Low field NMR

Build up monitoring example, through a dedicated setup.


Any question? Please contact us via the contact page.

*Several standard configuration are available (Cameleon4) :

Low field 30kHz to 5MHz :

–             Base : 4Tx and 4Rx

–             Base + probe tune : 4Tx and 3Rx (only with pre-amplifier option)

High field 15MHz to 600MHz

–             Base 3Tx and 4Rx

–             Base + probe tune 3Tx and3Rx (only with pre-amplifier option)

–             Base + lock +probe tune 2Tx et 2Rx

Concerning customized systems, please contact us.