The new compact configurable NMR console !


Pulse is the new RS2D product: an innovative and easy to use NMR console.

The Pulse console is a compact and configurable NMR system including every required module in a all-in-one unit. Pulse is intended for the replacement of your routine NMR spectrometer from 200MHz to 600MHz. It is compatible with any magnets kind (Bruker, Oxford, Jeol, Varian…), shims and probe subsystems. The compacity of the systems makes it the smallest NMR console worldwide for high field spectrometer.

With its proprietary ultra-compact electronics, Pulse is adapted to diverse NMR spectroscopy applications (chemistry, routine NMR, quality analysis) at a very attractive price. Companies or laboratories with limited budgets will now be able to have a powerful NMR system at a glance!

Pulse is delivered with RS2D SPINit software for spectrometer management, acquisition, processing, or sequence management. Further information about RS2D software suite can be found through software pages (PRim, SequenceDevelopment, custom, SPINit free trial) .


Variable configurations can be proposed to bring a custom-made solution with various dedicated applications. Please contact us.


Designed and built to fit and adapt to any customer needs, the Pulse NMR console has a reduced size and weight (505mm high, 83.7lbs-38kg). Pulse is a unique console which offers a new life for your NMR system.


Application lab at RS2D, Pulse console on a 400MHz magnet.

Main features:


Pulse is an all-in-one unit including the 4th generation of RS2D NMR spectrometer, the Cameleon4. Inside of the Pulse, each part of a NMR console is integrated: Cameleon4, RF amplifier, gradient amplifier, sample unit, shim power supply, general power supply and preamplifier.

Sample & temperature unit RF amplifier Gradient amplifier Shim power supply Preamplifier
Spin and lift controller 200-650MHZ – 100 W for1H/19F 1 channel 20A 32 shims channel 0.5dB low noise figure
BACS & X-press compatible 5-310MHz – 300W for X digital optical input 16 bit current resolution High speed active Tx/Rx switch
0.1°C sample temperature regulation Mismatch protection 24bit 192kHz 113dB dynamic Configurable matrix shimming RF filters
Magnet helium level measurment Output Blanking Dynamic shimming
Current & voltage monitoring



The software:


The SPINit NMR software combines various features to explore the field of NMR with the easiest way, making the console an ideal system for chemical education and routine analysis.

It enables NMR laboratories to incorporate many experiments, from a broad range of pre-installed 1D NMR sequences and various relaxation experiments to numerous, information-rich 2D homonuclear and heteronuclear correlations.

Users will find the SPINit software intuitive. The obtained data (jcamp.dx) can be exported on various post-processing software. The software integrates a graphical sequence editor. A SPINit derivative software was designed for sample changer management.

SPINit snapshot, Viewer tab: HSQC-ET-GS of a cyclosporin sample


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