The PulseTM Console was designed as a compact and configurable, standalone NMR console to allow users to upgrade their existing NMR magnet, probe, and shim configurations.  This console, based on the powerful Cam4TM, garnered the attention of QUAD Systems AG (Quantum Analytical Detection Systems), a Swiss based company founded by Klemens Kessler.


Based on years of experience and an extensive range of skills and know-how, QUAD holds a strong patent portfolio and develops, manufactures, integrates, and sells the key components for traditional high-field, super-conducting NMR spectrometers.  QUAD has opted to OEM RS2D Cam4TM and the PulseTM console technology as part of their full 400MHz or 600MHz NMR spectrometer, and will power the spectrometer using SPINit, and NMRFx processing software.  These proprietary software packages allow the user to easily run samples, write or modify pulse programs, and process data.  More details about SPINit can be found here, and NMRFx here.


Key specifications are listed below:

Amplitude / Phase / Frequency resolution 12 / 16 / 32 bit
Timing resolution / min. Duration 12.8 ns / 115.2 ns
Spectral width up to 4.88 MHz
Bandwidth 2.4 MHz
Gradient Amplifier 10 A