RS2D has developed a suite of four software to communicate with its spectrometer, the Cameleon4, in different aspects.
PRim for “Preclinical Imaging” is one of them. It is dedicated to the management of routine MRI acquisitions. Different levels of use exist:
  • Ideal for users without specific knowledge of the physics of MRI systems. These operators will find a simple and intuitive optimized solution for carrying out their studies with predefined applications and protocols.
  • For more experienced users PRim allows you to control many parameters of the pulse sequence. Includes SequenceDev, an intuitive sequence development tool with its graphic aspect, that allows you to develop your own sequences independently.


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Advantage of our PRim software:

  • Auto shim available with an integrated workflow adapted to preclinical imaging.
  • The data is exported in the standard DICOM format.
  • Standard and advanced MRI sequences are or may be included.
  • Also available in a clinical version under the name of CLim (for Clinical Imaging) Basic sequence list included in PRim

MRI Basic sequences included:


  • Spin Echo
  • Spin Echo Diffusion
  • Fast Spin Echo
  • IR-FSE (Fast Spin Echo with Inversion-Recuperation)
  • Gradient Echo
  • Cine Cardiac
  • Cine Cardiac Black Blood
  • UTE (ZTE)
  • T1 / T2 map
  • DCE (Dynamic Contrast Enhanced) with keyhole option (faster k-space filling)
  • B1/B0 map
  • MP-RAGE (Magnetization Prepared Rapid Gradient Echo)
  • 3D CUBE (3D FSE High Resolution)
  • EPI
  • TOF

Other sequences are available on request


View of PRim software

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