RS2D develops its own software: SPINit, for NMR applications and SequenceDevelopment for advanced sequence design.


SPINit is the software required to run an experiment wit our NMR systems. This software is designed for several applications, and the main one concerns the spectrometer management. SPINit allows to manage samples, run and control experiments.

It was designed for a quick understanding and an easy handle of the spectrometer. The main experiments options are highlighted with round buttons and the spectrometer management is easily accessible in a separated panel.

SPINit presents its own 1D and 2D visualization window with post processing options. Baseline correction, integration, peak picking, peak fit and more tools are available on the latest version of SPINit.

Example of SPINit, v2020.06. Left side: Viewer tab for data management and post processing, Right side: 90° pulse calculation tool with nutation experiment


The software was also developed to implement and write new NMR sequences in the sequence library. A lot of NMR sequence options have been designed like shape pulses, decoupling pulses, variable 2D timing scales, switch of nuclei, and so on.

To learn how calculate your P90 on SPINit, see the following video: Calibrating P90 on SPINit Software

SPINit offers account management with several access levels for standards or expert users (modification of NMR sequences, change of NMR experiment parameters…).

The SPINit software is delivered with our console and is intended for neophyte as well as for expert users.


When using a sample changer, SPINplanner is mandatory. Through a second window, linked to SPINit and its library, users may use a sample changer as usual. One can program the sample list according a predefined order (FIFO, priority, day/night…). Users can manage general parameters either for the sample or for each experiment (lock auto, shim auto, temperature, spin). Some sequence parameters are accessible according to application parameters defined in SPINit.


Example view of SPINplanner, sample changer with 60 positions


Discover SPINit in video: SPINit

Download our demo version: SPINit