Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) – MRI console Cameleon

Dr Huang Shaoying
Assistant professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)


The SUTD portable MRI is head-only, permanent-magnet-array-based, equipped with a MRI console Cameleon, and based on the Cameleon4 technology. Compared to a traditional superconducting-magnet system, it has a much smaller footprint and consumes much less power. It is aimed to bring MRI to the patients outside the radiology department in a hospital, e.g., those in the intensive care unit (ICU), reducing the danger that is associated with transporting the patient. Meanwhile, it is aimed to lower the cost so that it is more available to a larger population and allows scans more often for therapeutic purposes.


“RS2D Cameleon4 console is chosen for our development because of the user-friendliness, a fair price-performance ratio, and good post-sales service.”



Université de Nantes- Ceisam – Console Pulse 400MHz


Dr Serge Akoka
Professeur de Chimie à l’UFR des Sciences et Techniques
Université de Nantes – CEISAM


The Pulse console is installed on a 400MHz Bruker Magnet equipped with a BBFO ATMA Z-Grad 5mm probe. The system controls a BACS-60 sample changer working through SPINplanner.


The Pulse product and RS2D’s customer approach has been what I’ve been looking for, and we are extremely pleased!

“We get very good repeatability with the pulse connected to our 400 MHz spectrometer.