MultiCell ™ imaging Cells / anesthesia for the examination of different types of animals


The range MultiCell ™ enables:

  • Monitoring of physiological parameters of the animal: respiratory, cardiac and animal’s temperature
  • Regulating the temperature of the cell, with integration of the system allowing the delivery and extraction of anesthetic gas, and fixing bars for stereotactic animals
  • Temperature control system closed (sealed container) with transparent cover
  • Digital continuous control of the circulation of air through temperature regulator closed loop integrated into the wall of the cell (air pump included)
  • Prevention against the side effects of the air flow
  • Connection board for connecting the anesthetic gas, compatible with any system, isoflurane connection rooted at the mask mouse / rat by closed circuit pipes integrated into the cell wall
  • Integrating a head positioning system for stereotactic positioning of the most accurate and reproducible animal
  • Imaging accessories: connections anchored to the ECG and respiratory gating, and for the monitoring system of the blood pressure
  • Design planned against pathogens: for immunocompromised animals
    cell imaging in connection with “one click” for quick and easy connection of mouse imaging cells / rat on all preclinical imaging systems, as well as double beds docks
  • Fully compatible with NanoScan® family systems




Two-Mouse cell

Inner space: 2 x 24 x 260 mm

Outer dimensions: 56 x 470 mm

Up to 2 x 35 g

Two-Mouse cell


Inner space: 3 x 24 x 220 mm

Outer dimensions: 60 x 500 mm

Up to 3 x 35 g

Three-Mouse cell



Rat Standard

Inner space: 65 x 440 mm

Outer dimensions: 70 x 540 mm

Up to 600 g

Rat-Standard cell


Rat – XXL

Inner space: 102 x 510 mm

Outer dimensions: 110 x 650 mm

Up to 1.5 kg

Rat-XXL cell

MULTICELL ™ for Rabbit

Inner space: 150 x 600 mm

Outer dimensions: 160 x 760 mm

Up to 6.5 kg

Rabbit cell