Cameleon : MRI console

Versatile and configurable as well in NMR version.


System consisting of a RF chain for applications such as build up monitoring.


Complete range of preclinical imaging systems.


RS2D designs and manufactures high performance MRI and NMR consoles for a variety of applications, including pre- and clinical imaging, NMR research, structural elucidation, and food sciences.


Headquartered near Strasbourg, France, RS2D pioneered preclinical MRI in 2011, with the first cryogen-free superconducting MRI system for rodents.


Since then RS2D has released the dynamic MRI Cameleon and the Gecho console powered by the versatile Cameleon4 electronics platform.  These systems are delivered with RS2D proprietary software suite: PRim for MRI and SPINit for NMR.


In 2020, RS2D became a part of Nanalysis Scientific Corp., a world-leading manufacturer of affordable, accessible, and automatable compact benchtop NMR spectrometers, to further expand its exciting magnetic resonance technology portfolio.