The RF power amplifier cover the 500kHz to 310MHz and 200MHz to 600 MHz frequency ranges

  • Rugged, solid state design -high reliability
  • Extremely high phase and magnitude stability
  • Very fast pulse rise/fall time
  • High linearity
  • DC power supply, temperature and status monitoring

 Model number BTM00300-GammaS BTM00100-Delta
Rated power 300 Watt 100 Watt
Type Class AB MOSFET
Frequency 500kHz – 310MHz 200MHz – 600MHz
Max Duty cycle 20%
Max pulse length 300ms
Rise/fall time < 150 ns  typical using a pre-gated RF input signal
DC Supply 50 Volt at approx. 3 Amperes 28 Volt at approx. 5 Amperes
Input/output impedance 50 Ohm nominal
Phase stability 6° across  300ms pulse
Indicators DC power, RF power, Over-temp, Duty limit

RF drive

RF gating

0dBm nominal, 10dBm for no damage


Main power 110-240V 50Hz, single phase 1kVA max
Dimension 2U case