MRI or NMR sequence development application

  • Simple, intuitive graphical tools for the creation of MRI and NMR sequences
  • Java layer implemented in an editing window for performing complex calculations of sequence parameters
  • Full graphical development option
  • A dedicated window to add and select pre-scan and reconstruction algorithms for the sequence
  • Ability to launch acquisitions to test the sequence
  • Graphic window for viewing and analyzing the signal or the acquired images


Global view of the SequenceDevelopment software

Sequence type: Full Graphic

Main advantage of  the full graphic sequence development option:

  • No Java code
  • SequenceParameters are automatically copied into the UserParameter
  • The User has only access to the SequenceParameters
  • Suitable type for a simple NMR sequence


The software auto transforms the pulse graph into a sequence parameter, then into a user parameter. The pulse is then transferred into the pulse solver to be calculated according to the calibration (or to your need). It’s the same for parameter that user will draw (delay, shape, acquisition, decoupling scheme…)

Sequence type: Java (Full or Simplified)

This option is a Java layer implemented in an editing window for performing complex calculations of the parameters in the sequence.

  • Script that makes the link between User Parameters and Sequence Parameters
  • Depending on the type of sequence, the java may not be editable

User may choose a simplified version when starting, as some parameters and links will already be done. The full Java option is recommended for expert users, mainly on MRI systems.


Graphics window to visualize and analyze the signal or the acquired images.


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