RS2D offers a software suite for customer needs. According to your equipment (MRI or NMR), a dedicated software allows for control of the spectrometer to launch acquisitions.

Delivered with your system, more software are available for further developments, such as SequenceGUI for electronic testing, or SequenceDevelopment the dedicated software development for NMR or MRI sequence (graphical edition, or Java written).

Click on the name of the software to learn more about it on the dedicated page.


PRim: Preclinical MRI acquisition software

Clim: Clinical version of PRim (in development)

Sequence Development: MRI and NMR software for advanced pulse sequence development

SequenceGui: Software for easy access to the spectrometer (for electronic testing)

Driver: Interface to launch acquisition from any software

SPINit : NMR acquisition software



Software view of Sequence Development, SPINit and Prim.

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