Configurable spectrometer in MRI version. Very compact electronic design packaged in two 2U cases based on the latest FPGA SoC technology.


The RS2D MRI Console is the 4th generation of MRI spectrometer designed and built by RS2D. This multi-channel console receives and transmits high to low field MRI application which is also well adapted for multi-nucleus acquisition thanks to the experience of RS2D in NMR. With an acquisition software integrating simple pulse sequence development tools, and an interface for controlling the electronic from a third-party software, the console is suitable for both Research Lab and industrial application.

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Specifications of the MRI Console Cameleon

MRI customizable console Cameleon

Main features

Based on the Cameleon4TM, the MRI Console Cameleon has following features:

  • Operating from 1MHz to 900 MHz
  • Low noise digital receiver
  • Optical or analogical gradient output
  • Simultaneous multi-channel observation
  • Cameleon basic configuration: 2 transmitters (TX), 4-8 receivers (RX), 4 gradients, 5 GPIOs
  • Possibility to add extensions per module of 16 receivers
  • RS2D software suite (PRIM / SPINit software, Sequence development

Example of images acquired with Cameleon4TM

MRI saggital brain image

Example of application: Sagittal view of a human brain

MRI axial brain image

Example of application: Axial view of a human brain


  • Prim: Acquisition Software
  • SequenceDev : Sequence development software
  • Driver: Communication interface to take control of the console from a third-party software


Basic sequence list 

  • Spin Echo
  • Spin Echo Diffusion
  • Fast Spin Echo
  • IR-FSE (Fast Spin Echo with Inversion-Recuperation)
  • Gradient Echo
  • Cine Cardiac
  • Cine Cardiac Black Blood
  • UTE (ZTE)
  • T1 / T2 map
  • DCE (Dynamic Contrast Enhanced) with keyhole option (faster k-space filling)
  • B1/B0 map
  • MP-RAGE (Magnetization Prepared Rapid Gradient Echo)
  • 3D CUBE (3D FSE High Resolution)
  • EPI
  • TOF


Other sequences are available on request.

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