The Cameleon4 is the core of the RS2D magnetic resonance product line.  This versatile electronic platform was designed for a wide range of NMR and MRI products, providing power and flexibility to these systems.

The Cameleon 4 (Cam4) is the fourth generation of this innovative MR platform designed and built by RS2D, offering superior capabilities.  The multi-channel architecture enables low-field, high-field and even MRI multi-nuclear acquisitions.


The Cam4 has been paired with powerful acquisition software to simplify pulse sequence development and provide an easy-to-use interface for integration with third party software.  The Cam4 offers a new, innovative solution for diverse MR applications ranging from preclinical or clinical imaging, to NMR research, routine sample screening, quality control, and even relaxometry.  To learn more please contact us via the contact page.

​ The Cam4 provides power and flexibility to MR systems to act as state-of-the-art research alternatives, to replace outdated MR hardware such as old NMR consoles with the Pulse, old MRI systems with the Camelon MRI console, or to build new research equipment as the latest RS2D innovation : Gecho.


Main features

  • Integrated Linux operating system on dual core ARM processor
  • Operating from 1MHz to 900 MHz
  • Low noise digital receiver
  • Optical or analogical gradient output
  • Simultaneous multi-channel observation
  • Cameleon basic configuration: 3 transmitters (TX), 4-8 receivers (RX), 4 gradients, 16 GPIOs
  • Possibility to add extensions per module of 16 receivers
  • RS2D software suite (PRim / SPINit software, Sequence development)



Transmitter Receiver Gradient GPIOs
84dB amplitude Low noise figure of 2.3dB Optical gradient channel 16 for RF amplifier blanking, coil controls, sequence trigerring…
80dB gain control 113dB dynamic range
Simultaneous (H and X) multi channel observation



The Cam4 is modular, and is the core of the following systems with various configuration options:


MRI console (2 Cam4 stacked and 2Rx modules) Gecho Pulse
8Tx 4Tx 2Tx
16Rx 4Rx 2Rx
8 Gradients 2 integrated amplifers Lock



Any question? Please contact us via the contact page .