Nucline – all modality acquisition software 


Nucline™ is developed for multimodal medical imaging devices, such as SPECT, CT, PET or MRI. This software integrates a wide range of acquisition and calibration features, data management, reconstruction and visualization. Nucline™ is a common platform for all imaging modalities and operates according to the most common industry standards. This software provides DICOM standard images stored in a DICOM server.

The software settings and daily protocols can be easily customized according to the users’ needs. This makes the software a very flexible and efficient system.


Nucline™ acquisition software

Tera-TomoTM 3D GPU SPECT / PET – reconstruction software


  • Multi GPU based data reconstruction with multi-Teraflop Computing
  • Wide range of corrections such as detector geometry, Monte Carlo DOI estimation, object attenuation and scatter, randoms, dead time and partial volume.
  • Results are ultra-fast, quantitative and provide excellent visual quality reconstructed images.


InterView FUSION – post processing and analysing software


  • Supports DICOM, Analyze 7.5, RAW import/export as well as exporting still images (DICOM SC, JPEG, PNG) and movies (AVI)
  • Supports dual, triple and quadruple fusion of PET/SPECT/MRI/CT images
  • Provides GPU accelerated 3D MIP, Volume Rendering and Surface Rendering Techniques.
  • Multiple statistics of Time Activity Curve (TAC) can be derived from 4D dynamic PET and SPECT studies (with MS Excel compatible export)


InterView™ FUSION post processing