• First integrated in-line preclinical whole-body PET/MRI
  • 700 µm spatial resolution PET
  • Absolute quantification accuracy over 97%
  • Low operational cost & placed anywhere
  • Optimized field of view for imaging the entire body of the mouse and rat
  • Meets industry standards CE Medical, DICOM
  • Intuitive and user-friendly multimodal acquisition software for the planning review
  • Ability to use each method independently
  • Remote Access Possibility for maintenance and diagnosis
  • Touch Screen 17 on the system allowing the user to control the movements of the bed, the translation of the arms, positioning, calibrations and positioning related settings
  • Superconducting Cryogen-free magnet


The nanoScan® PET / MR 3.0 provides images with excellent resolution and with very high sensitivity. Through a clinical 3T magnetic field, the system allows the Translational in vivo imaging of small animals and is particularly suitable for examinations requiring greater sensitivity, including brain imaging.

MRI subsystem

MRI 3 Tesla
Field strength 3.0 Tesla (1H 128Mhz) clinical field
Magnet Supraconducting cryogen free
Free access
Usable acces
160 mm
72 mm rat, 42 mm mouse
Residual field
5 Gauss line
< 80 cm axial
< 60 cm radial
+/- 0.5 ppm more than 50 mm DSV
+/- 1 ppm more than 60 mm DSV
Gradients power 450 mT/m
Magnet weight < 250 kg
Space requirement Not much space required, no need to have a dedicated room

PET subsystem

Ring diameter 18.4 cm
Transaxial FOV 12 cm
Single axial FOV 10 cm
Extended axial FOV 45 cm
Cristal 1,12×1.12×13 mm ; LYSO:Ce
Spatial Resolution with 3D OSEM 0,7 mm
 Spatial Resolution with FBP 1,25mm
NEC for mouse 850 kcps @ 60 MBq
NEC for rat 230 kcps @ 60 MBq
Coincidence window 3 ns
Timing resolution 1,2 ns
Energy resolution 19%
Peak absolute sensitivity 8%


PET nanoScan® module provides images with the highest resolution on the market and with high sensitivity.