• First integrated in-line preclinical whole-body PET/MRI
  • 700 µm spatial resolution PET
  • Absolute quantification accuracy over 97%
  • Low operational cost & placed anywhere
  • Optimized field of view for imaging the entire body of the mouse and rat
  • Meets industry standards CE Medical, DICOM
  • Intuitive and user-friendly multimodal acquisition software for the planning review
  • Ability to use each method independently
  • Remote Access Possibility for maintenance and diagnosis
  • Touch Screen 17 on the system allowing the user to control the movements of the bed, the translation of the arms, positioning, calibrations and positioning related settings
  • Superconducting Cryogen-free magnet



The nanoScan® PET / MR 3.0 provides images with excellent resolution and with very high sensitivity. Through a clinical 3T magnetic field, the system allows the Translational in vivo imaging of small animals and is particularly suitable for examinations requiring greater sensitivity, including brain imaging.

MRI subsystem

Field strength3.0 Tesla (1H 128MHz) clinical field
MagnetSuperconducting cryogen free
Free access
Usable access
160 mm
72 mm rat, 42 mm mouse
Residual field strength
5 Gauss line
< 80 cm axial
< 60 cm radial
+/- 0.5 ppm more than 50 mm DSV
+/- 1 ppm more than 60 mm DSV
Gradient power450 mT/m
SoftwareNucline is an ergonomic interface, easily handled by biologists.
Magnet weight
Total weight
< 250 kg
> 450 kg
Space requiredNo need to have a dedicated room

PET subsystem

Ring diameter18.4cm
Transaxial FOV12cm
Single axial FOV10cm
Extended axial FOV45cm
Cristal1.12 x 1.12 x 13 mm - LYSO:Ce
Spatial resolution with 3D OSEM0.7mm
Spatial resolution with FBP1.25mm
NEC for mouse850kcps @ 60 MBq
NEC for rat230kcps @ 60MBq
Coincidence window3ns
Timing resolution1.2ns
Energy resolution19%
Peak absolute sensitivity8%

PET nanoScan® module provides images with the highest resolution on the market and with high sensitivity.