The nanoScan® MRI 3.0 provides images with excellent resolution and with very high sensitivity. Through a clinical 3T magnetic field, the system allows the Translational in vivo imaging of small animals and is particularly suitable for examinations requiring greater sensitivity, including brain imaging.


Field strength 3.0 Tesla (1H 128Mhz) clinical field
Magnet Supraconducting cryogen free
Free access

Usable acces

160 mm

72 mm rat, 42 mm mouse

Residual field

5 Gauss line

< 80 cm axial

< 60 cm radial



+/- 0.5 ppm more than 50 mm DSV

+/- 1 ppm more than 60 mm DSV

Gradients power 450 mT/m
Magnet weight < 250 kg
Space required Not much space required, no need to have a dedicated room

Application example

Example of a 3T MRI Gradient Echo acquisition of a veal foetus

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